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Navsari, Maharashtra, India !
Name to remember for procuring best quality of Hydrated Limestone, Dolomite Limestone Powder etc...

About Us

The importance of limestone dates back to the era of late 19th and 20th centuries because at that time, this sedimentary rock was utilized for making buildings, train stations and banks. Till date it has many applications, it is used on skyscrapers in the form of thin plates for covering. It's association with architecture is best reflected in Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt) which is constructed using Limestone. In both solid and powdered form, limestone find uses in diverse industrial applications.

For the purpose of making mortar, cement and glass etc., limestone is put in use. Besides, it comes in various forms for fulfilling processes of several industrial applications. Looking at the huge demand of limestone in various forms, our company Gurukrupa Lime Trade, has came into being, embracing business roles of manufacturer and wholesaler.

Our production techniques are highly innovative. These are applied by us in manufacturing process to bring forth Quick Lime Stone, Hydrated Limestone, Dolomite Limestone Powder, Quick Limestone Powder of zero defects. Quality of our offered line is matchless. The proof of this lies in adoption of stringent quality checking practices.

Name To Trust

The presence of worth trusting companies in this competitive business field is limited because in the race of coming No.1, business entities are straying away from the path of morality. However, our business unit isn't like such firms. Keeping moral business values in place, we are carrying out trading and manufacturing business of Hydrated Lime, Dolomite Limestone Powder etc. We keep our business associates, employees and customers informed about new business policies. Also, strategic business plans are formed keeping in view interests of clients. Our company maintains cordial relationships with valued patrons and keep them informed about changes in delivering schedules and payment structures. 

Partner With Us- 'Why?'

  • Bulk Orders- We own modernly constructed storage space in which offerings are well-kept in bulk in order to meet urgent market orders. This helps us in undertaking bulk orders and completing them on time.
  • Quality- Quality is something, our firm never settles less in. Each and every offering is passed through intense quality tests to avoid the possibility of rendering inferior quality products to client.
  • Delivery- Business unit enjoys association with some famed transportation agencies which aids in delivering products to near and far locations.

Customer Satisfaction

Being a reliable name, satisfaction of the customers is always a crucial element for us and we direct all our efforts in the same direction. For establishing long term relations with the clients, we keep communicating with them and properly understand their exact requirements. Further, our business approaches are client oriented and prepared keeping in mind their benefits. We have gained huge appreciation from the associates for our ethical trade practices and on time completion of the orders.

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